Those Products That I Told You About

Products That Have Been Helpful for Us

And no, I am not getting paid to tell you about these products.

These days when we go through the dive-thru at McDonalds, we are ordering their healthier menu items, such as their yogurt parfait.  So yummy!

One of my favorites

Folgers Coffee  If you go in the next few months you can meet the Folgers' Olympic Athletes.  If you are a coffee head, this is a great site to check out. 

SnarkEcards  This site has the most hilarious cards.  So if snark is your thing, check it out.  I love sprinkling them in my posts. 


V-8 Nutritional Page  This is such a no brainer. .. no product image here because the company doesn't allow posting to a website unless they are making money.

Brainy Weight Loss  This website has the list of negative calorie foods and loads of other advice for anyone wanting to lose weight in a healthy manner.  Be aware that it also has many of those annoying ads for products that are money traps.  If you are interested in hypnosis as a weight loss help, there are several CDs and downloads available on this site.  And no, not getting any money from this either, just passing on what I have learned.

Eating Foods from the List of Negative Calorie Food
Looks yummy!
 I find it comforting to know that there are foods out there that work for your body instead of against it.

My favorite flavor!
This website shows the different flavors of protein shakes.  It links back to the Kellogg's Special K website, but the cereal plan has always been difficult for me to stick with.


I always have several cans of this soup.  60 calories per serving, can't beat that.
Progresso's Lite Soups This website show the different flavors of soup that Progresso has that are 100 calories or less per serving.  One can typically has 2 servings.  Sadly, the WalMart I shop at doesn't carry all flavors, but I can usually find enough of a variety that we don't feel like we are eating the same thing each and every day.

Coupons.comPrintable Coupons If you have the time, you can sometimes find coupons on this site that are worth printing.

Biggest Loser Celery Sticks  This website is for Duda Farms has links to healthy eating tips, simple food swaps, recipes, and other Duda Farm Fresh products.   It is worth checking out. I had a picture of the package here, but it was replaced with a camera inside a circle with a line a la ghostbusters.  I am assuming that means that they don't like me using their images, even when I am promoting their product for free.  Okay with me.  Celery is celery, and this one from will work just as well.

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