Friday, March 21, 2014

It's a no go without a cuppa joe

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Last summer, when we were sketching out our diet plan, the next hurdle that we had to face was coffee.  Doyle and I like to start our day with a cup of  coffee.
70 calories of creamy goodness! Oh yeah.

When we were at our son's house, the weekend before we started our diet, we discovered "native pecan" coffee and fell in LOVE.  At home, we aren't always able to find the same products that are available in Houston, but we went to our neighborhood Brookshire Brothers to see what flavored coffees were available in our neck of the woods.  As it turns, Brookshire Brothers had just what we needed.  GO figure.  That almost never happens.  Better than that, most of their flavored coffee was on sale--like cheaper than regular coffee. SO I bought eight different flavors. Coffee has no calories, so why not?  We went through the creamer and sugar options and finally settled on Coffee Mate (because I won't drink anything else) and stevia. Coffee Mate is 10 calories per teaspoon. Stevia has 0 calories.  That would mean that if I used 10  teaspoons of Coffee Mate, which I sometimes do, then my coffee would go from 0 calories to 100 calories in a matter of a few creamy seconds.  But it is so worth it. My morning cup of coffee usually costs me about 70 calories.  And I love every one of them.   We have added many flavors to our coffee klatch since the summer.  Such delicious flavors as blueberry donut, amaretto, vanilla biscotti, hazelnut, Texas pecan, caramel drizzle, mocha, and others, gone but not forgotten.  There is something about that first cup of coffee each morning that really helps me get my day in gear. Being able to drink it without feeling guilty for indulging myself with the creamy goodness of it, the commercial says...that is priceless. 

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