Friday, March 14, 2014

Is it a chip? Is it a cookie? No, it's V-8 to the rescue.

March 14, 2014

See why I need to lose weight?
  This boy is never still.
Pictures.   I really have a tough time posting any picture of me.  Notice that in one of these I am in a tunnel.  But these picture document a personal victory for me.  The jeans that I am wearing, I couldn't wear last May. They were too tight.  So while I not happy with my hubby for shooting the pics, it is great to know that 5 more pounds and I won't be able to wear this jeans without a belt to hold them up.

Creating this blog has forced me to go back and rethink exactly what we did when we started our journey.  Step by step we created a plan that worked for us.  There was a little trial and error, but once we finally made up our mind to change, we were able to stick with it.  It was the making up our collective mind that was difficult.  That took fifteen years to happen.

In our effort to keep it real for us, we have been reassessing the changes we have made in our eating patterns, and going back to the things we did at the very beginning that worked so well. 
The result...I think I need a drumroll here...we have all had a significant drop in weight.  We are talking pounds, not ounces, and it has been a few weeks, okay more like a month, since that has happened consistently for any of us.  So woo hoo! 
I've given up on grocery lists.
Now I just take a piece
of paper that says,
Also this "going back to the beginning" has reminded me of another hurdle we had to face.  Snacks.  One of the major problems with liquid diets, remembering that we begin with the idea that soup is part of that liquid diet, is that there is little that you can have for a snack. 
Okay, I hear you grumbling out there.  If I can have 3 shakes and 5-6 bowls of crackerless soup, why do  I need a snack?  I don't know, but there is a snack monster deep inside me that says, "I need snacks!" and says it quite ferociously at times.  I either head him off at the pass by having snacks on hand, or I fall in to the trap of going to the store to buy snacks and end up in trouble.  I do not make good choices when I am hungry.  Let me repeat that because I believe it bears repeating, I DO NOT MAKE GOOD CHOICES WHEN I AM HUNGRY.

Once again, my hubby and I headed back to our local Wal-Mart and searched the aisles.  On the juice aisle we found, well actually rediscovered, V-8.  Only V-8 isn't your grandma's cocktail anymore.  It has changed.  Actually it might be more correct to say it has reinvented itself.

My favorite is still the spicy V-8,but my daughter and husband like the fusion drinks.  A single serving can of the tomato, spicy, regular, or low salt, is 30 calories.  That's it.  30 calories.  The fusion drinks have 50 calories for a single serving. Can't beat that with a stick.  Late at night, when the munchies attacked, it was V-8 to the rescue.
It is kind of cool how things you have known about and enjoyed for ages, until you got out of the habit of buying them, help you get your life back on track.  Sort of feels like coming home.

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