Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lessons Learned on a Tuesday Afternoon

Photo: hahaha sometimes you have to listen to the JEANS!! #dontbeabitch

March 12, 2014

Not all celery is created equal, and sometimes pizza is worth the celery you will have to eat if you cave.

Okay, so here is what I learned today.  If you buy one Little Caesars pepperoni pizza and one family size Italian cheesy bread, split three ways, it is your daily calorie allowance.  Does that mean I can't eat it?  No.  It means that I will be eating celery for the rest of the day so I had better enjoy every cheesy, greasy bite.  And I did, thank you very much.

The difference is that I am not feeling like I have cheated.  I don't feel like I have sabotaged my diet.  I am not worried about being able to get back on my diet tomorrow.  I am allowed 1200 calories a day, no matter what form they take. Do I make choices like this everyday?  No.  Pizza is not a healthy choice.  I am aware of this and am trying to make much healthier choices, but it nice to know that even when I don't, I have a built in safety switch.  1200 calories a day.  If I blow all my calories on one meal, then I find negative calorie foods to eat for the rest of the day, like celery.  Negative calorie foods take more energy to digest than they have in them.  While there are quite a few negative calorie foods, I find celery to be the easiest to keep cleaned and ready.  If I don't have to prep it when I am looking for a snack, I am more likely to reach for it when I go to the refrigerator.

For this very reason, I keep a lot of celery on hand.  Celery more than salad because salads can get pretty heavy on the calories if you aren't careful AND are not as handy to grab for a snack.

2 stalks of celery equals 15 calories.  Celery is fiber rich and a good source of water, so I also stock up on toilet paper.  Just saying.

When we first began this diet, back in July, I came across another diet-saving product--Biggest Loser Celery Sticks.  At about $2 a bag if was perfect.  Buying celery by the bunch is cheaper, and I buy bunches when I have time to prep them, but having a bag of precut celery in my refrigerator ready to grab and munch makes it easy for me to make better choices.  And hey, the celery is way cheaper than the chips that I used to snack on.

In case you are interested, here are the fruits, veggies, and spices that are considered negative calorie.

List Of Negative Calorie Food: Vegetables
List Of Negative Calorie Food: Fruits

List Of Negative Calorie Food: Herbs and Spices

These pictures come from

Again, I make no money off this product, but BL celery sticks is consistently a better product, fresher and better tasting, than other prepackaged celery products I have tried.

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